About SIKA

SIKA Machinery Company Ltd is situated in Taichung in Taiwan and was established in 2001 by Mr Robert Chang after years of experience in the Blowmoulding field. Robert identified the need for a local specialized machine manufacturer capable of producing high quality , customized machines for the international markets. Using the industrialized resources of the Taiwanese marketplace , he has succeeded in building the SIKA brand name and producing machinery comparable to the best from Europe and America.

The advantages of owning a SIKA machine include the use of high strength frames and customized machine designs to suit any requirement as well as offering a long life for your asset.


Product Categories:

  • Continuous extrusion blow moulding machines
  • Accumulator head machinery
  • Additional services
    • Multilayer technology
    • Visi stripe
    • Screen changer
    • Moog Parison programming and PWDS systems
    • Automated solutions
    • Leak testers, conveyors
    • Control systems
    • Moulds
    • In-mould labelling


Continuous Extrusion Blowmoulding Machinery







Machinery Range

  • Single and Double station models for production of containers up to 30L capacities
  • Available in Hydraulic , hybrid or Full electric versions
  • Multiple heads up to 12 cavities using Pinole or Torpedo type head designs
  • SIKA designed Multilayer extruders and heads up to 6 layer
  • Special machinery for PVC , PETG and specialized materials
  • High speed hydraulics with accumulator assistance
  • Fully automated  de-flashing and take-out stations.


Accumulator head extrusion machinery

SIKA is widely accepted as a specialist in the industry for  the supply of accumulator head machines for technical auto parts and large containers


Machinery Range:

  • For containers from 30L up to 2000L
  • For a wide range of technical parts such as air ducts and runner plates for SUV’s as well as Chair seats , Tables and pallets
  • Customized machine designs to provide the most efficient solution
  • Automated product handling

Additional services




Multilayer Technology

In house designed Multilayer systems from 2 – 6 layer

Dual layer accumulator head

Visi-stripe extruders


Hydraulic Screen Changer

Moog parison wall thickness controllers

PWDS sytems for adjusting Die Cover ovality


SIKA control system from Star ( Japan)

       Siemens Control system

Conveyors, Leaktesters, granulators, material handling



Technical part mould

Container mould

In-Mould Labelling robot systems



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For 26 years, Cape Town based Seecor, has been a well respected supplier of South African built blowmoulding machinery with exports throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. 

Seecor also rebuilds and remanufactures machinery and supplies technology components, such as extrusion heads and parison cutting devices. 

Extrusion blow moulding

Wheel extrusion blow moulders

PET reheat blow moulders

Low cost PET machinery 

Injection blow machinery

Reciproating Screw Blow Molding Machines

We understand the importance of local and immediate technical support and the availability of spare parts at short notice. With a comprehensive local spare parts stock-holding and team of highly skilled and experienced service technicians on 24hr standby, with the direct support of our Principals, we are ready to solve any technical issue quickly and permanently, keeping downtime to a minimum.
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