1 History

SEECOR BLOW MOULDERS is a South African company established in 1988 to manufacture the most technically advanced automatic blow moulding machines, parts and ancillary equipment. The business was established by one of the current owners of the business, Clive Corder, who had nearly ten years experience in production in the blow moulding industry. 

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The development of the first machine was a result of the long delays in delivery from then existing manufacturers. As a result, a plan was made to rebuild an existing machine, which became the first Seecor Blow Moulder. The machine is still in production and was the first of a total of over 100 machines which have since been produced. Based on German technology, SEECOR blow moulding machines are specially designed to incorporate the best features of a European machine but adapted to better suit the needs of the production environment based upon first hand experience gained on the production floor.
The SEECOR blow moulder has been developed to ensure optimum performance and reliability for the machine minder. The machines incorporate the latest state of the art technology but with easy to operate controls. The Company has maintained a policy of continued growth and is consistently improving the quality of the machines by incorporating the very latest advances in engineering and process technology.
In the design and development of the machine, attention has been taken of the fact that the ongoing maintenance costs are an essential part of the overall cost of the machine. Experience showed that European machines often required skilled technicians for repair and maintenance work at considerable expense and that spare parts, which can generally only be sourced from the original suppliers of the machines, are very expensive. The spares and maintenance divisions have become a significant source of ongoing revenue and profit for machinery suppliers at the cost of the customers.
In the case of SEECOR, the blow moulding machines have been developed using standard off the shelf spare parts wherever possible. Seecor parts tend to be readily available and are generally a lot less expensive than similar parts supplied by our competitors. The machines have also been designed to ensure that general maintenance and repair work is well within the capabilities of any qualified artisan, without the need to rely on SEECOR technicians to be provided for repair work at great expense. 
This has been part of the focus of the development done at SEECOR.
However, most importantly the productivity of the machines has not been effected and the output of the SEECOR machines compares favourably with the output of all of its competitors. The actual experience on the production floor is that unit output is as good if not better than on the comparable European machines whilst ongoing maintenance costs are generally much lower than the costs of competitor products.